Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Girl and Her Kindle: How to Find a Midwife and Doula by Petra Ortiz

A Girl and Her Kindle: How to Find a Midwife and Doula by Petra Ortiz: How to Find a Midwife and Double by Petra Ortiz $2.99 - 10/13/2012 The reason I wrote this book was because I wanted to provide a way ...

Friday, October 5, 2012

Ideas for your Book Trailer


I enjoy creating book trailers for Authors.  When I am given permission to post, I add the YouTube URL of my clients' book trailer and post it onto my Pinterest 'Book Trailers' board

One type of book trailer you may want to consider is where you, the Author, record yourself reading your introduction.  I have done this for my 'What is Healthy Coffee' book and all I did was gather royalty images, use a video software site as an upgraded member, and added the mp3 file of my voiceover to the video at the video software site.  Currently it is posted at my main website however I will embed the video here as well.

Another option you have, is to go lighter on the images, heavy on the texts describing your book.  And, most importantly, using appropriate music, perhaps a royalty free soundtrack, added to your book trailer.  A book trailer without music or voiceover is just plain BORING. Don't do it.

You should include the title of your book, your actual book cover image(s), Author name, and publisher,etc, in the beginning and ending of your book trailer.  Here is a very heavy-on-the-text trailer that combines a series of books into one video:

The texts should not 'give everything away' rather it should create intrigue.  In some book trailers I've created [check my Pinterest board I mentioned] I used snapshots of the book's reviews, grabbed bits of super-exciting texts from the description section, and illustrations from the book itself if provided.

If your book is heavily-illustrated then by all means, a great book trailer would be to display the images using various transitions and animations, and light music underneath the Author's voiceover or full volume music and no voice.  Here is a children's book example:

Ideas of what to say:  Why you, the Author wrote the book, who is it for?  Read the first chapter perhaps?  Read the entire book, especially if it is a short children's book, as the images are displayed.

Always give a call to action at the end of the video.

Examples "Available for Kindle and Paperback at"

or "Read a sample chapter now at..." 

Always include your website, blog, URL that directs viewers to learn more and to buy your book(s).

I hope this helps, I am always creating book trailers so if you have any questions feel free to ask.

Petra Ortiz