Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Reading my favourite section of my favourite book: THE POWER by Author Rhonda Byrne

This is my favourite excerpt of my favourite book 

THE POWER Rhonda Byrne: "Life Follows You"

This is a video I created, including music I own
and music from*

How did I learn about this awesome book?!

My 2nd oldest son, at the moment now 19 years young
shared this book with me in the Fall of 2012 when visiting

I was completely blown away by it, and wish to share this 
special section, especially with those who have no idea that 
this title exists...enjoy :)

I have and recommend the beautifully illustrated hardcover book 

[272 pages] and also recommend the audio book with Author's 
narration.   She sounds great!
I practically cry hearing her introduction...  


*Her Scent Full Mix by