Thursday, December 31, 2015

Using high quality images to enhance your book trailer:

Using high quality images to enhance your book trailer:

Did you know that a visitor who watches a product video is 85% more likely to make a purchase?

Learn how to make great looking book trailers and attract more readers to your book with this amazing class.

You will learn the importance of using good size and high quality images in a book trailer, various sites where you can source these high quality images at amazingly low prices.


I Learned A Lot

I enjoyed everything, aside from grabbing a bite to eat, I watched from beginning to end because I was learning so much. Great class!

Excellent resource for every Indie author!

I'm very satisfied with this course. It's comprehensive, easy to follow, very informative and provides an array of resources for anyone interested in making their own book trailer. Excellent quality with great samples of videos that have already been created by the teacher, which makes it even more fun to watch and very educational. If you're an Indie writer and know how important book trailers are for marketing, you can't miss this fantastic course. Highly recommended. Two thumbs up!

In order for your book trailer to stand out and have lots of views, it needs to be professional looking with music and video clips, besides beautiful images to make it exciting to watch.

Utilizing these tools inside great video platforms can be easy to use and will help you make the best book trailer for your marketing and promotional needs.

See BODACIOUS BOOK TRAILERS for more information on how to source music, images, footage, book animations, book graphics and more at

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