Sunday, November 27, 2016

Over 600,000 Royalty Free Stock Images

 This is one of my favourite sites to get Royalty Free Stock Images:

Here are some examples of stock images you can incorporate into your designs, blog posts, promo videos and book trailer videos...
As a paid member,  you have unlimited access to over 600,000 images/photos/vectors

Most images are available as EPS, PNG, JPG and SVG.  With a free or paid membership, you have access to what is called a Standard License; for some projects in particular you will need to pay a per-image fee of (currently) $20USD to purchase the Extended License.

As a free member, you may download from over 60,000 vectors and images at stockunlimited however you must include an attribution link back to the site and the author/creator.  Here are designs using keyword 'meditation':

The paid membership however offers an annual or a monthly at a very low price so if you are going to need images several times a month and throughout the year, I highly recommend you take a look around the site to see what's available, depending on your niche, and upgrade to the paid membership.  I have created many designs, illustrations, books and videos by utilizing the images from SU.

Another cool place where you can download FREEBIES on a weekly basis [and hire designers for just about any product or service] is  They have really cool and free Creative Design Files:

I hope you visit these sites and can benefit from the many items and options available.

Petra Ortiz

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Great tips for a professional looking book trailer

Great tips for a professional looking book trailer**

Watching a book trailer that only shows still images or text on the slides can be boring and it may not capture the attention of your audience. Enhance the quality and viewership of your book trailer by incorporating high quality footage and video clips, and make your video more enticing, vivid and full of movement!

In this example, an ANIMATED VIDEO BACKGROUND and various VIDEO FOOTAGE clips, along with an energetic and exciting music track and a professional voice over are utilized:

As I mentioned, using just images may be a bit boring however some viewers would rather NOT hear someone speaking during the video--so I recommend always that you make several book trailers per book title.  I also recommend that you publish your book in ebook, paperback and audio book [if appropriate].

Here is an example of using images only [in this instance, powerpoint slides], an easy-listening music track, and text/captions:

Five Stars By John E. Arnold on October 3, 2015
Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
"Beautiful beginners book. Great non-intimidating book to display in beginners class..."

For Book Info Click Here

Using the right tools such as a great soundtrack and video clips, and avoiding copyright infringements will make your book trailer look great and win your audience, which will reflect in more book sales.

For more tips, see my new book Bodacious Book Trailers, based on my course which offers great tips on how to create a professional looking book trailer.  You will learn the importance of finding high quality footage to enhance your visuals when you use it inside a high quality video platform.  I discuss various ways that you can source video footage for your own videos.  And I've included music, footage and templates for you to incorporate into your own videos, inside the course itself.

**The term "Book Trailer" is a U.S. registered trademark to Sheila Clover English of Circle of Seven Productions. Used with permission. 

Petra Ortiz