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Reading my favourite section of my favourite book: THE POWER by Author Rhonda Byrne

This is my favourite excerpt of my favourite book 

THE POWER Rhonda Byrne: "Life Follows You"

This is a video I created, including music I own
and music from*

How did I learn about this awesome book?!

My 2nd oldest son, at the moment now 19 years young
shared this book with me in the Fall of 2012 when visiting

I was completely blown away by it, and wish to share this 
special section, especially with those who have no idea that 
this title exists...enjoy :)

I have and recommend the beautifully illustrated hardcover book 

[272 pages] and also recommend the audio book with Author's 
narration.   She sounds great!
I practically cry hearing her introduction...  


*Her Scent Full Mix by

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Meet Petra Ortiz

excerpt from:

Meet Petra Ortiz, Author, Publisher, and Book Trailer Designer

Petra Ortiz is an author and publisher. She creates promotional videos, audio products, and book trailers that entice viewers to take action. She is always studying and working towards improving the value she provides to her clients.
Petra enjoys helping business owners, whether online or offline, gain more happy, loyal, and repeat customers by producing high quality video and audio creations. Find samples of Petra's book trailers on her website as well as on Pinterest.

Interview with ''  click here to read more: 

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Ann Carter was diagnosed with non small cell lung cancer, learn more about this

please click through on videos below to visit and share this campaign THANK YOU

When you see Ann"s work in the gallery we hope you will find one or more that you will want for yourself or as gifts for friends.
2.) DONATION - Any donation, no matter how small, is extremely important right now. $5 - $10 -$20 - ANY AMOUNT. WE NEED TO BUILD MOMENTUM NOW. THE CLOCK IS TICKING ON THE CAMPAIGN, AND ON ANN'S LIFE.
3.) JOIN ANN'S TEAM AS A FRIEND AND SUPPORTER - Fellow artists, kindred spirits, friends, current cancer paitents and surviors. We welcome you. Email for an invatation.
4.) SPREAD THE WORD - Please help by sharing the links to Ann's campaign and her website, Please send to your friends.
ON OCTOBER 26th, 2011, the lady you see above and my best friend, Ann Carter, was diagnosed with non small cell inoperable lung cancer and was told she had one year to live. A year and a half later, Ann, with her loving and devoted husband of 40 years, Don Carter (pictured above) beside her is still fighting for her life and is determined to continue this battle until she beats the socks off her cancer. Our campaign is simple. We want our friend Ann to live many more years and you can help make that happen. Ann is a life long artist with a loving spirit, a resilient personality and a true sense of what it means to be a loyal friend. She is a generous kind hearted person who truly needs your help.
Lung cancer is a terrible,  debilitating, and often very painful disease. It can strike anyone. It does not discriminate. It is one of the most difficult cancers to cure, but it need not be a death sentence. The key today is to be able to have access to the latest technologies available and get to one of the hospitals or cancer centers that have the most advanced treatment modalities. The standard treatment approach of radiation, chemotherapy, and in some cases surgery, is an approach that has not changed much in over 60 years. It is often effective in cases with early detection, but stage IV cancers such as Ann's require much more aggressive treatments and care than is currently available to Ann.
Unfortunately, Ann has limited options where she lives. While Ann has received the very best treatment available to her and has been very well cared for by her doctors, she has reached the end of the road as to what can be done for her there in terms of further treatment for her cancer. There is no second opinion available, there are no alternative treatments and there are no clinical trials.
About two months ago Ann began having terrible debilitating pains in her back. Cancer was found in her spine. Ann was given more radiation treatments for her spine, more drugs to manage her pain and other health concerns. Although the drugs are necessary for her care, the side effects are also debilitating. The cancer itself may be affecting her mental abilities to the point that it was difficult for a period of time for Ann to concentrate and think clearly, and she was totally dependent on others for her care. She has friends who are of course doing everything they can, but she is in need of help. She has bounced back a great deal already and is now lucid, communicating well and getting her strength back. Ann's doctors have recommended palliative care, giving Ann three to six months to live and placed her in a hospice. But please remember, Ann was told she had one year to live. That was eighteen months ago.
Ann is a fighter, she is not ready to give in to this cancer, not about quit, and not about to give up. We invite you to join her fight, to help Ann regain her mobility through supplementary hospice care until her doctors feel it is safe for her to return home and to seek out additional opinions and treatment options.
YOU can help make this happen. Ann is 59 years old. She is a wonderful person loved by many. We believe she can still beat this, with your help, we intend to do so.
Your help and support is urgently needed.
Hospice care varies as greatly as the disease itself, from state to state and country to country. Some are outstanding, but many do not have the resources to do more than minimal care. Patients are sometimes in a small room and go from their beds, into a chair where they often sit for 12 hours or more, and then back into bed. Your day is defined by your medication schedule, being helped in and out of your bed and bathroom, tv, and hours of monotonous waiting. The nurses, doctors and staff do all they can, but there is only so much their work load allows. She needs additional help to keep her occupied, get her out of her room and back to living her life. In one day Ann's world was turned upside down. She was moved from her comfortable home where like all of us, she was in familiar comfortable surroundings to being told she has limited time, and will have to spend it in a foreign place, sometimes alone, and without the comfort of her paintings, her studio and a lifetime of memories.
Please help us to bring Ann home.
We hope to raise $25,000 as soon as possible to provide Ann with a home health aide for 90 days, to prepare meals, and get Ann back into her home. She is still weak from the radiation treatments she has been given, and will need assistance in getting around her home and exercising daily until she can regain her strength and mobility. We need to install pull bars and wall rails for support and balance, and bathroom fixtures that she can easily use. This will cost approximately $5,000.  She needs help now to have wholesome healthy foods prepared for her and to help her manage her medications. She has a beautiful comfortable home that her and her husband have worked 40 years to make their corner of the world. We hope to enable Ann to return to her home with the surroundings she loves. We fervently hope and believe Ann still has a chance to beat this with help.
About $2,000 will be needed to reproduce and transfer medical records for evaluation at other cancer treatment centers.
There are still viable treatment options for Ann, such as Proton Therapy for Lung Cancer. Pencil beam scanning proton therapy can be used in patients with recurrent lung cancer, who have already received full doses of radiation, such as in Ann's case.
Biological therapy for cancer. Biological therapy is a treatment that uses your body's immune system to fight cancer cells rather than attacking those cells directly.
The two options above cost in the $40,000 range.
Clinical trials. A clinical trial at the link below, which Ann is possibly eligible for would require transportation to New York and back home after treatment.
All of these facilities offer technologies, treatments, and trails that are possibilities for Ann, and hope for giving Ann more years of life.
There are still options for Ann. With your help we can at least give Ann a chance.
At the very least we hope to be able to have Ann remain in her home for the balance of her life, at the best, we hope and pray for a cure, or extended life for Ann. Any funds raised for Ann that are unused will go to her husband Don for the care management of his medical conditions in Ann's absence.
Ann has been an artist all her life. We now pray that these many years of work may be used to save her life.
On this site in the gallery and on Ann's website,, you will find photos of approximately 50 of Ann's paintings. High quality GiclĂ©e prints will be offered as perks for donations. As we raise money we hope to have many more of her paintings scanned and made available. The setup fees for scanning and high quality reproductions is substantial. All prints will be museum quality reproductions on fine art paper or canvas.
You will find some more photos of Ann in the gallery. You will see the kindness and love in her face. You will also see some of what she has had to bear these last 18 months. In all this time, in all that she has endured, I have never heard one bitter word, or one complaint. She deserves and needs your help.
Very special appreciation and gratitude to designers Jason Okutake of Okutakedesign and Visakh Menon, Vmenon Studios for their generous gift of their time and expertise in proofing and focusing this narrative, and designing and building Ann's website.
Thank you for taking the time to read this. Any and all donations will be most humbly and deeply appreciated.
                                                      ***PLEASE NOTE***
In order to keep printing cost within reason, and due to the variety of prints available, all orders will be submitted to the printer together at the close of the campaign. Delivery will be witin 30 days of the close of the campaign. We expect shipping to begin the week of July 8th, and all orders to be fulfilled by August 8th at the latest.

My name is Jim Lamm - Home Phone 201-864-5340 - Cell -646-298-5802 
My home address - 2207 New York Avenue, Union City, NJ, 07087
My business:
My email:
My reputation:
You may contact me at any time to verify anything in this campaign.
You may speak to Ann directly if you wish to offer hope and support if she is able.

posted by Petra Ortiz

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tips on creating your own products and monetizing them from Brendon Burchard

I absolutely love to learn from this man.  I own his Experts Academy boxed CD set, his Total Product Blueprint DVD set, The Millionaire Messenger paperback and audio book, and his Life's Golden Ticket paperback.

Brendon Burchard is amazing.  Watch his video below about Total Product Blueprint if you'd like ideas on what you can create yourself, and monetize.  I highly recommend you take notes.

I am sharing Brendon's video via loyaltyepays...

This video I created about loyaltyepays, refers to an example video I am sharing [which happens to be the one above].  If you are interested in finding out how you can earn income online by sharing high quality products, watch the video below.

I truly hope you enjoy and benefit from this post.


Petra Ortiz

Book Trailer and Promotional Video Styles - many different ways you can promote your book product or service using Video

This post is about various video styles that can help you understand what type of promotional video or book trailer you'd like for your own book, product or service.

I post some book trailers here as well:

The most basic style of video in my opinion is where only one image is displayed throughout the entire video, and a voiceover is heard [or texts are displayed in case of no voiceover and music is added].  If you, the business owner or author, are going to record the voiceover yourself, make sure you have a good quality microphone, and the ability to edit the audio, using audio editing software such as Audacity.  You will want to remove any extra breaths, throat-clearing, and other things that happen to occur when one is trying to record their voice and nothing else!

Here is a perfect example:

Beneath this text is Book Trailer or Promotional Video Style I - In this video, slides [powerpoint converted to JPG files] and images are used, along with transitions and animations, using wlmm (windows live movie maker).  My audio voiceover is added, and synchronized, to the text displayed in the video. Any powerpoint presentation could easily be converted into a video [without its animations however]. If you have presentations you'd like to upload as videos to youtube this is one way you can do it.


This video style below, Style II, uses nothing but powerpoint slides, converted as JPGs. A voiceover is added and synchronized to the slides.  A shorter version can be made, by condensing texts displayed, playing  music instead of a voiceover, and using images interspersed.  If you pay close attention, you will see how each slide transitions into the next.  If you pay close attention you will notice some of the slides move a bit, either closer to 'you' or in some other fashion.  Most of the slides in this video are not animated in any way, and most of the slides do use transitions [again, using the wlmm platform]:

In Style III, text slides are created, and the text can be animated in certain ways.  The most popular to use are black background with white text, and white background with black text.  Transitions are used between text slides, voiceover can be added or not, and music is added.  For videos without voiceover, more text generally must be displayed, and each text slide should be set to a normal 'reading speed'.  For videos with a voiceover, all texts can be displayed and synchronized OR some texts [usually the most important parts of the voiceover script] can be used.  In this video, the only images used are book cover images- so I call this a 'text-heavy, image-light' video:

In Style IV, the focus is on synching the text slides displayed, to the voiceover. It is still mostly created  with text slides, but here I use a white background and black text:


In Style V, all or most of the items used are video clips [rather than images or slides]; a voiceover is added and synched to the text.  Animated video backgrounds can also be used, and text added over, called 'captions':

Style V using animated video backgrounds [I use various animated video backgrounds depending on the content and colour scheme needed by client]:

Style VI is created utilizing a template: an animated video theme 'template'.  These are best for videos that have lots of images, and only short sentences of text to display.  I create wedding, baby, pet, birthday and promotional videos with these. I choose a template based on the content / product  / service being promoted.  For example, for wedding, lovers, couples, I use the 'rose petals' theme quite a bit. That seems to be the favourite.  Here are three different animated themes:

I usually use this template when someone wants a nice 'anything goes' [as far as how the images move about, and as far as how the background of the video moves/appears] promotional video:

'rose petals' animated theme used for a wedding video:

I hope this post gets you overly enthusiastic about making your own promotional videos, personal videos and or book trailers.  You will want to always give a 'call to action' at the end of your promo or book trailer video:

include your name
business name
any special offers / limited time offers

title of book
author name
formats available [books]
sites to purchase at

I am adding new software to a new laptop so that I can make even more powerful and attention-getting videos!

If you have any questions feel free to contact me,


Petra Ortiz 

Einstein and Tesla - Become The Future!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Book Trailer Ideas for your Children's Book, Ebook, Audio Book


Audio book of Good Morning Sally is here:  *******
If you are reading this on Feb. 27, 28, or March 1st, 2013, be sure to take advantage of the free ebook days for the two titles below.  Please leave favourable review if you enjoyed the titles.
book for baby is here: 

child and advanced reader is here: 


This post is about different ways you can craft [or have someone] your book trailer for your Children's book titles.

If you have a series, you may want to create one video that lists the titles in your series, along with a book cover image for each one, displayed in your video.  Mention the most appropriate age group for your book series, in the beginning of the video.  Include illustrations as well.  

Then, create a book trailer for each book in the series, displaying the book cover image at beginning and end of your video.  Always mention author name, and where it is available for purchase.  Include the formats that are available, all formats you intend to create and offer.  At the end of each of these, display an image of all covers together in one image and place the name of the series at the top of that image.

If you haven't produced [or hired someone to do so] a song for your series or for each book in your series, you may want to go with a royalty free 'instrumental' children's-type song instead of a lyrical one.    For book trailers that I have produced [for Authors of children's books] one usually wants viewers to focus on the book's contents, and how it can benefit their children, rather than cause the viewer to become sidetracked by lyrics that don't necessarily match the content of the book!

In this book trailer, for Good Morning Sally, The Dumbo Octopus Book I hired a musician/singer/producer to create a short song directed towards the main character, as if being sung by her parents, and used bits and pieces of illustrations to create curiosity:

So a new book trailer could display the lyrics to the song [above], yet another video providing 24 / 7 access to my book listing.

I searched and found the perfect song on youtube to include in the book as well, and asked permission to use it in a book trailer for the same title.  In this style, I included the lyrics, and video clips of underwater creatures, rather than focus on the book's illustrations, because I wanted viewers to sing along with and pay attention to the lyrics themselves:

This video features the Dumbo song by Katie Woznicki.

In the book trailer below, I  wanted viewers to get excited about the book, based on the illustrations alone.  So for this one, I wanted to evoke feelings of a cozy and cuddly nature; so they would feel as if the book is perfect to read at bedtime, or a quiet story time period.  I wanted to convey 'no drama' in this book, just 'love'.  So I chose a song based on those feelings:

So do you believe I did a good job in conveying what I wanted to for each video?

Here are a few more children's book trailers I produced, feel free to visit and purchase the authors' creations!

Source: via petra on Pinterest

Source: via petra on Pinterest

If you would like my help creating your next promotional or book trailer, feel free to contact me...


Petra Ortiz 

Good Morning (Sally's Song) 
by Derek "D'Shawn" Eatmon 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Indie Authors Guide to Fiverr Resources canned review

What would you if your honest and glowing review of a book, was canned by the site you placed it on?

I decided to create a video with parts of my review, and I will post the entire text of my review in this blogpost, as well as embed the video itself and a link to the author's book.

But I'm curious as to what you would do?

Has that ever happened to you?

I made this video really quickly so if it looks crazy forgive me LOL:

Here is the full text of my review that I posted a few days ago, but is now 'gone':
5 STARS I gave it too...

"Verified Purchase"
This review is from: The Indie Author´s Guide To Fiverr Resources: How to Write, Publish and Promote Your Book for Only $5! (Kindle Book Publishing 101) (Kindle Edition)
I thoroughly enjoyed poring through this double book. It has everything one needs from start to finish, when it comes to getting your book created, published and promoted. It was very easy to get to the exact resource(s), and there is a very informative section on what exactly fiverr is all about too.

I already benefit from using this site BUT this double guide [a How To Use this site, and a book devoted specifically for authors] has made it extra easy and convenient to find exactly what I need and when I need it, for each and every book project I will undertake.

If you are interested in saving [a lot of] money in getting your book created from top to bottom, and you want superb service, and a high quality outcome for your pre-production, production and post-production needs [including some exciting, easy and amazing ways to market your books!], this is a superb double-guide that will ensure you are putting your best foot forward in your publishing endeavours.

Even if you are just looking to market your book in a plethora of ways--this is it guys: go for it!

I truly hope you visit the link and check this out yourself, and that it helps you in some way.
I was one of the interviewed sellers but hadn't read the entire book until published and am very pleased with the wealth of information for 'us' :) 

Petra Ortiz