Monday, February 25, 2013

Indie Authors Guide to Fiverr Resources canned review

What would you if your honest and glowing review of a book, was canned by the site you placed it on?

I decided to create a video with parts of my review, and I will post the entire text of my review in this blogpost, as well as embed the video itself and a link to the author's book.

But I'm curious as to what you would do?

Has that ever happened to you?

I made this video really quickly so if it looks crazy forgive me LOL:

Here is the full text of my review that I posted a few days ago, but is now 'gone':
5 STARS I gave it too...

"Verified Purchase"
This review is from: The Indie Author´s Guide To Fiverr Resources: How to Write, Publish and Promote Your Book for Only $5! (Kindle Book Publishing 101) (Kindle Edition)
I thoroughly enjoyed poring through this double book. It has everything one needs from start to finish, when it comes to getting your book created, published and promoted. It was very easy to get to the exact resource(s), and there is a very informative section on what exactly fiverr is all about too.

I already benefit from using this site BUT this double guide [a How To Use this site, and a book devoted specifically for authors] has made it extra easy and convenient to find exactly what I need and when I need it, for each and every book project I will undertake.

If you are interested in saving [a lot of] money in getting your book created from top to bottom, and you want superb service, and a high quality outcome for your pre-production, production and post-production needs [including some exciting, easy and amazing ways to market your books!], this is a superb double-guide that will ensure you are putting your best foot forward in your publishing endeavours.

Even if you are just looking to market your book in a plethora of ways--this is it guys: go for it!

I truly hope you visit the link and check this out yourself, and that it helps you in some way.
I was one of the interviewed sellers but hadn't read the entire book until published and am very pleased with the wealth of information for 'us' :) 

Petra Ortiz 


  1. Great job as always Petra!!! Thanks for your riview and for promoting our book!! Definitelly you´re the best!


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