Saturday, December 1, 2012

New Ideas for your Book Trailers: Holiday Themes and Captions

New Ideas for your Book Trailers: Holiday Themes and Captions

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I enjoy creating book trailers for Authors. When I am given permission to post, I add the YouTube URL of my clients' book trailer and post it onto my Pinterest 'Book Trailers' board

A new item available for animated stylized videos is CAPTIONS, that is, adding text beneath or above an image in your book trailer or promotional video.

If your book is holiday-themed, you may want to include holiday images, or even holiday animated 'backgrounds' or videos [example below].  Even if your book is NOT based on a Holiday, if you are planning on creating a holiday campaign this is one inexpensive and quick way to do so. 

And once you've uploaded your video to all or any video sharing sites, you now have 24 / 7 free advertising for your book for years to come.  I recommend making several different types of videos per book. 

Here is an example of a Holiday-themed video [there are various themes available] that includes captions and texts and a couple [of many] holiday video clips I have available.  Maybe I have something you are looking for ? I have lots of holiday images and animated backgrounds.

I hope this was a helpful post, feel free to contact me if you need tips, ideas or help with your book trailers or other promotional videos...ask me for samples too if  you wish.

youtube link to the video above is here:

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